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Century Health Care Medical Centre


Practice Opening Hours

Monday                                           8am – 5pm

Tuesday                                          8am – 5pm

Wednesday                                     8am – 5pm

Thursday                                         8am – 5pm

Friday                                              8am – 5pm

Saturday                                         8am – 5pm

Sunday & Public Holidays            Closed

The Extended Hours are on NOW!


General Practitioners

Dr John Nguyen



Professional Interests:

Family/GP General Medicine, Paediatrics, Diabetes, Women’s Health, Skin, Men’s Health, Heart Disease, Respiratory and Asthma Management, Mental Healthcare, Bones and Arthritis.

Dr Danny Nguyen



Professional Interests:

Family/GP General Medicine, Paediatrics, Diabetes, Women’s Health, Skin, Men’s Health, Heart Disease, Respiratory and Asthma Management, Mental Healthcare, Bones and Arthritis.

Dr Joe Campsey

(Coming Soon)

Dr Peter Ng

(Coming Soon)

On-site Pathology

We have a convenient and reliable pathology service on site at our medical centre, with the highly respected Australian Clinical Labs providing a high quality service to you and your family. Our pathology blood tests are now opened for all of our patients on Everyday from Monday to Saturday.


At Century Health Care Medical Centre, appointments are not required to see our doctors. Patients are seen on first-come-first serve basis. Emergency cases will be attended earlier by our GPs as per clinically indicated. However, You can request for an appointment to see a particular GP or your regular GP by call our clinic on 03 9350 5601.

Family/GP Medicine

Doctors in this centre are fully qualified and well trained and we abide to high standards and codes of practice from Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). We are recognised as family practitioner specialists. We are committed to providing a comprehensive medical care to you and your family. We strive to serve our local community with the very best of our ability.

Billing Policies

BULK BILLINGs are available for most of Medicare funded GP consultations for patients with a valid Medicare Card/DVA Card.

Patients without a valid Medicare Card will be privately billed at the following fees:

  • Standard Consultation      $70
  • Long Consultation             $120

Procedures, wound dressing, minor surgery may attract small gap fees.


Patient Feedback and Complaints

We encourage you to give us your constructive feedback, comments and suggestions to assist us in evaluating and improving our health services to the community. If you are not happy with any aspect of our services, please inform us. Your doctor or on-duty staffs are available to discuss any problems or issues that you may have. You may talk to us directly or you may prefer to write to us. We take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously and try to resolve the issue for you. Should you wish to take any complaints further, you can contact:

The Health Care Complaints Commission at the Victorian Health Services Commissioner:

Regional Free Call Number: 1800 136 066

Tel: 03 8601 5222

Century Health Care

374 Gaffney Street

Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

Tel: 03 9350 5601 Fax: 03 9354 7836

Your Health is Our Passion

in achieving a

Better Health, Better Life.

Reminder System

Our practice participates in national and state reminder systems and/or registers. Relevant information is given to enable automatic reminders to be issued to you for important preventative health checks, such as Pap Smear reminders, prostate cancer checks, vaccination registers, diabetic checks, etc for our continual management and medical care of your health.

After Hours Care

We have a partnership with the National Home Doctor Service for the after-hours care of our registered patients. This service is available outside of the normal clinic opening hours.

Phone: 13 SICK (7425) or 137425.

Accident and Urgent care

Century Health Care Medical Centre has a well equipped, modern treatment room, that allows our doctors to treat minor accidents such as lacerations, wound treatments, fractures and work related injuries.

Home Visits

Our doctors do provide home visits services for our long term registered patients. It is at the discretion of the doctors for doing so in accordance to his or her time, depending on the work schedule for the day at the medical centre.

We also liaison with the National Home Doctor Service for the after-hour care and home visits for our patients. Patients can call 13 SICK (13 7425) to arrange a home visit after hours.

If there is an urgent emergency medical situation, please call 000 for an ambulance or go straight to the emergency department of the local hospital, such as the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Follow-up on Test Results

Patients are required to return for a consultation to obtain test results, preferably with the doctor who ordered your tests. We do not give out test results over the phone. If any results are abnormal and required urgent attention, you will be contacted by your doctor. When tests are performed, it is the patient’s responsibility to make a follow-up consultation with your doctor. Never assume that because you have not heard from your doctor or the clinic that test results are normal or abnormal.

Telephone access

Most problems are best to be dealt with in consultations with our doctors. Our doctors are readily available during normal surgery hours for emergency advice. Our policy of minimal interruptions to our team doctors who are in consultation with other patients is always in placed. Our reception staffs are experienced in deciding the appropriate response to any phone request. Generally, you will be asked to leave a message for your doctor.

Management of patient information

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this clinic to maintain security of personal health information at all times. It is accessible only to medical practitioners and authorised member of staff. A copy of our privacy policy is available on your request at the reception desk.

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