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Fees and Billing Policies

Fees and Billing Policies:

We are a fully Medicare Bulk Billing GP Clinic for most of the GP consultations for our patients with a valid Medicare Card. DVA card holders are also Bulk Billed. Children under 16 years of age and valid Centrelink and Concession Card holders are fully Bulk Billed.

Care Plans and Mental Health Care Plans are Bulk Billed.

Procedures, minor surgery and wound dressing may attract a small gap fee regardless of their concessional status. Please ask your doctor. The decision is made on the discretion from your doctor/individual clinician on the case by case basis.

WorkCover rates apply to the consultations and treatments about an injury that has occurred in the workplace. Medicare does not rebate for these consultations.

TAC rates apply to consultations and treatments about injuries that have been sustained in a road traffic accident.

Century Health Care requires patients to pay in full for their WorkCover or TAC consultations and treatments, until you have a claim number approved by WorkCover or TAC. Patients can get reimbursement from your employers or the relevant insurance company. There will be an out of pocket cost for these patients. The employer should reimburse the first $642 of a WorkCover Claim. The first $599 of a TAC claim must be met by the patients. The patients may receive a partial Medicare rebate for these services that you received.

Private Patients who have no valid Medicare Card, will be privately charged. You may seek reimbursement partially from your Health Cover Insurance company and amount of re-imbuirsement will depend on your private Cover Policy.

Pre-employment Medical Examinations, Reports, Taxi Driver Medical Assessments, Insurance Company Medical assessments, Immigration Medical Assessments are privately charged. Medicare does not rebate these consultations and checkups.

Payments may be made in cash or using EFTPOS. Please note that there is a $2.00 surcharge for EFTPOS payments.

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